Jean-Pierre Labreche – Biography and press-kit

Jean-Pierre’s World music inspiration

  My brand new compositions that you will find on sale in the World Music section (click here to go there) of my Music Store are the fruits of my travels in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
These places, rich in cultural traditions, have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. The multicolored palette, with which nature painted these regions, is also found in the diversified art forms that local tribes have created. For them, music and dance are not only an art of celebrating important events, but also an ancestral link between their own tribes, of the past, today and tomorrow. An indestructible organic chain welded by time where each member finds his place there.
Hence the title of my website:

Land of the Tribes  

Jean-Pierre’s approach to ambient music 

   For me, the art form that comes closest to the music I compose is architecture. When I contemplate a magnificent architectural form, I see a balance between the science of materials of the architect and his imagination, who amuses himself with forms.
When I create, my imagination is never completely free and autonomous, but remains intimately connected with the science of music, which governs the limits of that imagination. The continuity of the composition then flourishes in a sort of dance between structure and imagination: constraint and freedom. Each of them loses its autonomy in such a way as to merge one into the other. 

Music composition

Ambient and New Age music composition according to composer Jean-Pierre Labreche
Music composition is in my case an introspective process which pushes my creativity in unknown territories and poses challenges for me to resolve.

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Producing and Mixing 

Producing and Mixing requires knowledge of the science of sounds, and an ear that is educated and refined by practice.

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Synthesizers in Electronic music according to composer Jean-Pierre Labreche

 The Electro-acoustic Technology

Electronic music according to composer Jean-Pierre Labreche
The electro-acoustic technology of synthesized music mimes the billions of synaptic connections that we constantly build and deconstruct in our own brain.

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